Luxury Duplex & Triplex Apartments In Ehden Ready For Sale

Enjoy A Unique Living Experience In Your Hometown Ehden

17 Luxury Duplex & Triplex Apartments Ranging From 290 sqm To 460 sqm

Private Gardens, Barbecues And Terraces With Wood Gondolas

Additional Rooftop Gathering Spaces Under Wood Pergolas

Outdoor Swimming Pool, Kids Playground And Gathering Areas

Large Internal Parkings For Easy And Private Access To Apartments

Up to 4 Bedrooms Including A Master Bedroom With Private Bathroom

Fully Equipped For Winter With Chimney And Heating Radiators In All Rooms

Semi-Equipped Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms With Closets & Sanitary Ware

And Much More...

Get The Detailed Architectural Layouts Of All The Apartments

Coming back to our hometown Ehden, whether from anywhere in Lebanon or from abroad, is always a bliss! Gathering with families and friends; Visiting the old churches and the historical buildings, Spending unforgettable nights at restaurants, pubs, night clubs and festivals; Hiking in Horsh Ehden, exploring the nature and practicing all the activities we love; And much more...

Own Your New Home At Apple Grove & Never Miss the Charm And Pleasure That Ehden Abundantly Offers!

"Ehden Brings Energy To My Body, Clarity To My Mind, And Pleasure To My soul."

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